Norwegian business culture

Norwegian business culture

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Names in brackets are the dimensions’ (marked in italic) creator.

Communication style

  • Neutral (Trompenaars)
  • Low-context (Hall)
  • Turn-taking
    • Might seem as a lack of interest from more emotional cultures
  • Non-verbal
    • Oculesics
      • Direct eye contact
    • Haptics
      • Brief handshakes
    • Kinesics
      • Use gestures sparingly
    • Proxemics
      • Large zone of privacy

Management style

  • Low power distance (Hofstede)
    • Egalitarianism
      • All is valued equal
  • Consultative
  • Flat organizational structure
  • Maybe too democratic?
  • Consensus seeking culture

Attitude to time

  • Sequential (Trompenaars)
    • Punctuality priorized
    • Quickly get down to business

Ethics – right or wrong

  • Universal (Trompenaars)

Values – attitude to work

  • Feminine (Hofstede)
    • Cooperation as important as competition
    • Little gender differentiation

Impact of outer influence

  • Inner directed (Trompenaars)

Social identity

  • Individual and collective interests equally important (Hofstede)


  • Achievement-based culture (Trompenaars)
    • Jantelagen
      • Humility expected

Attitude to risk

  • Low uncertainty avoidance (Hofstede)

Business orientation

  • Deal-focused (Gesteland)
    • Introductions not needed
    • Possible to approach business partners directly
    • Business first


  • Informal (Gesteland)

Attitude to personal space

  • Leans towards differentiated/reserved
  • Personal space is respected, and so individuals stand well apart from each other when conversing.
Erik Persson

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