French business culture

French business culture

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Names in brackets are the dimensions’ (marked in italic) creator.

Key facts

  • Great differences in France
    • Northern regions are more systematic, deal-focused
    • Central and southern regions organic, relationship-focused
  • Number of female managers low (Masculine culture)
  • Protectionist
    • Close links between state and companies
    • Strong roots

Communication style

  • Leans towards high context (Hall)
    • Boss retains final say
    • Written communication
      • Precise
      • Detailed
      • Analytical
    • Oral communication
      • animated
      • emotional
      • non-verbal just as important
  • Affective – Emotional, (Trompenaars)
    • Humour important
  • Specialized and differentiated

Management style

  • High power distance (Hofstede)
  • managing director expected to have
    • Authority
    • Technical competence
    • Charisma

Attitude to time

  • Synchronic (Trompenaars)
    • Tend to plan long term

Ethics – right or wrong

  • Both universal and particular (Trompenaars)

Values – attitude to work

  • Masculine (Hofstede)

Impact of outer influence

  • Inner directed (Trompenaars)

Social identity

  • Lean toward individualistic (Hofstede)
    • A french team is a collection of specialists
    • Reaching consensus not important


  • Both achievement– and ascription-based (Trompenaars)
    • Ascriptive status moderately high power distance
    • Good education
    • Prestigous degrees
    • Promotion based on
      • Seniority
      • Academic qualifications
      • Competence

Attitude to risk

  • High uncertainty avoidance (Hofstede)

Business orientation

  • Both deal– and relationship focused (Gesteland)
    • informal networking important


  • Leans towards formal (Gesteland)
    • Politeness expected
    • High-contact culture
    • Formal dress-code
      • Dress-code reflects status

Attitude to personal space

  • High-contact culture
  • Small space-bubble
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