American business culture

American business culture

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American business culture is mainly focused on profits, a so called quantitative approach. By cutting costs, you maximise profits. Main points about American business cultures are:

Management style:

  • Medium power distance


  • Achievement-based
    • Status to those who achieve the most
      • Perks
    • Depends on how much business is under your control
    • Performance counts
    • Track record

Work attitude:

  • Masucline culture
    • Strong work ethic
    • ”live to work”
    • Huge workload

Communication style:

  • low-context

Prioritised interest:

  • Individualistic


  • Informal
    • Risk-taking encouraged
    • Humor used extensively
    • Tough and precise but laid back
    • Dress code – formal

Universal or particular:

  • Universal

Customer handling:

  • Deal-focused
    • Contracts trumphs ”everything”
    • Business precedes relationships
    • ”Legalistic approach”
    • be direct
    • rapid decisions

Uncertianty avoidance:

  • Low uncertainty avoidance

Inner or outer directed:

  • Inner directed
Mindmap of the main points of american business culture

Mindmap of the main points of American business culture



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